Like a Hermit Crab in Search of a Home

“My takeaway from reading this book was mental and physical abuse which took a lifetime to heal, but resulted in an intelligent, thoughtful individual who values relationships and owns her past but doesn’t live in it. The new shell and occupant are beautiful, vibrant, and Joy.”  --Tricia Sanders

“By telling her story in achingly personal detail, Joy offers hurting souls a path toward healing. I for one am grateful for her candor. I’ve been immeasurably helped by her courageous search for identity and place.”
--Amy Harke-Moore

“In this case you can judge a book by its is a winner.”  --NB

One Woman's Journey Back to Faith

Kirkus Discoveries

"A woman’s account of her spiritual journey from unquestioning compliance with learned Christian practices and beliefs, to discovery of a more personal relationship with God.

  What began as uneasiness about life became a full blown crisis of faith for Wooderson once she acknowledged that the religion she had been taught did not meet her needs. The daughter and granddaughter of men devoted to Pentecostal ministry, the author had absorbed their teachings and expectations. However, strict adherence to their rules did not yield either the happiness in life or the satisfying relationship with God for which Wooderson longed. For years, she tried first one tack and then another before successfully discovering a more meaningful faith. In Finding Joy, she weaves the retelling of biblical stories with accounts of events in her own life to illustrate how she found relevance in the age-old words. Wooderson’s approach is systematic, and she provides thought-provoking questions to help others through the process. She draws the story out into a quasi-mystery and it is well written.   Wooderson’s hope in writing down her account is that those who take their Christian faith for granted will relate to her experience and reevaluate their relationship with God. Readers who question their Christian upbringings and want to pursue a similar quest may gain new insights and reassurance from Finding Joy.

A readable story of one woman’s reevaluation of faith and finding peace with God."

A Book A Week Blog - Donna Volkenannt

"FINDING JOY: One Woman's Journey Back to Faith is an insightful and inspiring memoir. The front cover, with the photo of a white daisy seeking sunlight as it pokes through the parched brown earth, gives a hint of what awaits the reader inside. Wooderson’s memoir reads like a novel, with the end of each chapter leaving me wanting to read more.
The chapters and sections are peppered with Biblical passages from the Old and New Testaments, as well as other meaningful and contemplative quotes. Wooderson’s memoir is filled with candor and clarity. She openly discusses her crisis of faith, her doubts about organized religion, and the path she took to navigate through dark days into the light.
Anyone who has struggled with their faith or questioned their belief system will find comfort, compassion and wisdom in FINDING JOY.

“Best of Both Worlds,” by Jacquelyn Ehrlich

Finding Joy is a lovely blend of memoir and spiritual reflection combining the best of both genres. If you read the novel The Shack, non-fiction Finding Joy is a MUST read for you.”

“Journey of courage and faith,” by Ellen Davis

“This book is beautifully written from the heart. Joy Wooderson does not pontificate, but rather describes her own journey as she comes to a place grounded in scripture and fully trusting the living God.”

“Forget the platitudes,” by Margaret Madden

Finding Joy completely counteracts the negative parts of my religious history -- from the guilt trips, to the attempts to measure up to what the Lord would surely want of me, to trying to meet other people's expectations. Ms. Wooderson blows all the human misunderstandings of God right out of the water.”

“An encouraging, helpful resource,” by A. Harke-Moore

 “If you're looking for a book to help you discover an authentic faith, this is the one! What I love about this book is Joy Wooderson's open, honest search for a real relationship with God.”