Anyone who has seen the movie, The Ten Commandments, knows something about the spectacular events surrounding the Israelites' escape from Egypt. The real drama goes far beyond the highlights shown.

What could this Biblical story have to do with life in the twenty-first century? A profound message is hidden in the ancient text, like a buried artifact.

On my visit to Egypt and the Sinai desert, I became instantly absorbed in the history of the area. Barren mountains, sand, and dry river beds awakened curiosity about the purpose behind the mass exodus. The veiled gem is how Yahweh, the invisible God, worked internally in the hearts and minds of the people while He acted externally.

My imaginative mind transported me into the saga, and I mentally became a fellow student with the Israelites in God's Life School.  This is my story.

I invite you to join me on the most challenging, most rewarding journey of any life.